About Me


Who I am:

A recent graduate of a programming bootcamp at The Iron Yard, I aspire to turn my passions for problem solving, analysis, and improving the lives of others toward mobile software development.  I have an extensive academic background in religion and theology, in which I hold graduate degrees from Union Presbyterian Seminary and Drew University.  I also have connections to the tech industry through friends and family, all of whom have encouraged me in my move to professional software development as an extension of my talents and interests.  I am excited to challenge my finely honed reasoning skills and love of learning in a new way by developing software tools that will be of benefit to people.

My Skills:

  • Languages: Swift; currently learning Objective C
  • Tools and Software: Xcode, Git, GitHub, Trello, Microsoft Office, Keynote
  • Operating Systems: iOS, macOS, Windows
  • Competencies: iOS design patterns, Core iOS frameworks, RESTful API clients, UI/UX design, User Stories, Test-Driven Development, Research and writing skills, Communication and interpersonal skills

My Other Interests:

I have always loved learning new things, and I continue to expand my knowledge of software development, as well as staying engaged with a wide range of other subjects that I consider important.  I also love reading for fun, and I enjoy science fiction and fantasy.  I am also a hiker, and have had the opportunity to hike in Switzerland, France, and Italy over the last few years.

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